The EU program Central Baltic has decided to support the development of 21 small ports in the archipelago with a total of SEK 30 million. Together with another ten million in grants from the County Council's archipelago and additional grants from the County Administrative Board and Värmdö municipality, thirteen ports in the Stockholm archipelago, six ports in the Åland archipelago and two ports in Finland will receive about two million were for renovation and development.

The recipients of the project are the companies, port associations or boat clubs that operate the ports. And since it is an EU project with a lot of instructions and requirements, the recipients of the money commit to drive the ports further for at least ten years.

Värmdö municipality has the role of lead partner, which, in addition to extensive application work, also means that the municipality will use joint procurements of for example floating jetties and servicehouses.

During 2017, an inventory of the service in the participating ports has been made. But since the need for service-enhancing measures looks different in the guest ports that participate in the project, it is difficult to give an accurate picture of how the ports should be developed. But it is very much about expanding the capacity of berths. It can also be about upgrading the toilets or development of electricity to the port. The objective of an increased service level in the port is to attract more visitors to the archipelago, which in turn contributes to an increased visitor industry. According to our calculations, SEASTOP could contribute to increased revenues of almost SEK 30 million a year and this is a very welcome addition.

The idea for the project has emerged from the County Administrative Board's Ö-for-Ö meeting in Möja in spring 2016. Then the goal was to only develop Möja's guest harbors but quickly the project grew to something much larger. Today, twenty-one ports are involved in the project in Stockholm, Åland and Finland. In total, this is a supplement of an additional 400 new berths distributed over the various guest harbors. In each port, we also expect to take measures for decreasing the impact on environment.

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